What better way to enjoy the beautiful Shropshire Hills then by taking one of the many stunning walks right from your door here at Hesterworth. Whatever your preference, from a short amble to an invigorating trek, the paths and open spaces of the Shropshire Hills from our doorstep will take you along river valleys, through pastures, meadows and ancient woodlands, around pretty villages, or over hilltops of rock and heather.

Here are some useful guides for you to help you choose your route:

Shropshire Hills Walk - Burrow Hilfort

Walk the circular walk around Burrow Hill Camp and you will be rewarded with some of the best views in Shropshire. You can start this lovely walk from our front door...

The circular route can also be linked with a permissive route provided by the landowners that takes you to the very edge of the once massive ramparts. Then on and along ancient sunken lanes once so busy but now abandoned by the giant horses of bygone days. 


Walks from Hopesay

Ordnance Survey have detailed a series of stunning walks as part of their #GetOutside campaign. Take a look at what is available from our doorstep by visiting: 



Shropshire’s beautiful and varied landscape offers you lots of opportunities for walking in the great outdoors and Shropshire’s Great Outdoors is a fantastic resource for walkers. Take a look at three fantastic walks details here: http://www.shropshiresgreatoutdoors.co.uk/walking/search/?keywords=Hopesay&search=Search&nearest=&distance=


View ranger feature a fabulous walk that can be combined with a visit to the Secret Hills Discovery Centre. Lush pastoral landscapes and wide views all round from the high points are combined with lengthy river stretches towards the end of the walk: http://my.viewranger.com/route/details/MjNfMzE1Nw==


A brand new and increasingly popular walking route in the Shropshire Hills is The Heart of Wales Line Trail and we have the most incredible route for you right from outside the door. 



Hopesay Parish are a friendly group of local people and their emphasis is on enjoyable social walking with time to take in the surroundings and have interesting chats.  Their walks vary in length and type.  They are normally between 5 and 10 miles, and they sometimes enjoy "special projects", such as The Severn Way, Snowdonia and Yorkshire.